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Youth Suicide Prevention

Acadia Hospital


For 25 years, Acadia Hospital has been offering a full continuum of mental health services and an exceptional team of providers who offer care and support. In keeping with their strong tradition of outreach and education on youth wellness issues, Acadia Hospital announced a new project entitled Acadia Hospital CARES (Child-Adolescent Resource and Educational Series).

The goal of this video series is to provide adults with important, expert information that can be used to keep children and teens safe. This particular video, which focuses on the topic of youth suicide prevention, launched this series. In addition to the full length video, we created :30 and :15 second PSAs for use on social and broadcast.

Learn more at acadiahospital.org/AcadiaCares

If you are concerned about yourself or about somebody else, please contact:

Maine Crisis Hotline

Crisis Text Line


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