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Ocean Kayak's Malibu Pedal is their first model to feature a pedal drive, and serves as the recreational answer to sister company Old Town's fishing kayak, the Predator PDL.

Having been part of the team that launched the Predator PDL, which was named ICAST's Best Boat of 2016, we knew what made a successful, exciting and buzz-generating announcement.

We wrote the on-screen copy of the teaser to be playful, not only through the use of colloquialisms and loose grammar, but in how the words appeared, obscuring the pedal drive.

The look of the boats were used in several ways throughout the launch video. The four colors that the kayak comes in - Ahi, Envy, Sea Glass and Sunrise - were implemented in swirling custom titles and gradient overlays.

The music was written and recorded in-house specifically for this video, with the three-note bass line and five-note melody symbolizing "MAL-I-BU" and "MAL-I-BU PED-AL" respectively. This will serve as the theme for additional Malibu content going forward. Because we created the music ourselves, we could pull individual elements (ie, guitars and claps) to serve as accents at points throughout the videos.

These were also produced using a process we call "FBC Safe". Ocean Kayak had been selected as one of the first on Facebook to implement cover video for pages, so all elements were optimally placed to look their best when uploaded there.

The launch video ends with a paddler pedaler with his fists raised before being replaced with the logo in the same pose, which was a beautiful accident totally on purpose.


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  • Story development
  • Copy writing
  • Custom music creation
  • Editing
  • Color grading
  • Studio photography of watercraft
  • Title design
  • Effect design